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Refurbished & Rental Stairlifts

Every individual has a different situation. Sometimes it might make more sense to rent or purchase a refurbished stairlift. Some situations where renting a stairlift or purchasing a refurbished stairlift may be a better decision:

  • Living location is temporary
  • Health is declining
  • Financial matters
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Needing a stairlift for less than a year

When purchasing a refurbished stairlift or renting a stairlift from Independent Home Solutions, you will receive the same quality and service you would expect with purchasing a brand new one.

Rental Process

When renting a stairlift, the process is slightly different. We will analyze your staircase(s) and decide which of our current in-stock stairlifts will fit your home best.

Independent Home Solutions covers any warranty issues free of extra charge for the entire rental duration. We try to make it as easy and painless as possible. You pay a nominal fee for installing the stairlift, and then you get a monthly bill in the mail. When you are through with it, call us and we come remove it.

Our inventory is always changing, contact us to see what’s in stock!