Personal mobility vehicles (“power scooters”) make it easier for those who suffer from mobility issues to get around more easily and comfortably to enjoy a higher quality of life.

At Independent Home Solutions, we are factory-trained by the brands we represent to help you choose the personality mobility power scooter that’s right for you — and service them to ensure they keep running well and provide a lifetime of independence.

We stock a wide range of styles and colors from Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies in our large Lancaster, PA showroom, and invite you to visit and speak with a member of our factory-trained staff about technical specifications and available accessories. Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies scooters can be outfitted with baskets, lights, oxygen tank holders, walker holders and more.

Questions to Ask Before the Sale

Will I be doing any traveling?

Some models require specialized lifts and carriers for vehicular transport. If your primary use is at home, a smaller, more maneuverable model is recommended. Many of smaller models have a 300 pound weight capacity, but will still come apart to fit in the trunk of a car.

How much time will I be spending on it daily?

Larger capacity batteries keep more power in reserve between charges for extended use.

How will I store the scooter?

Some models are designed to be compact and portable, while others are designed for heavier use. The larger luxury models have a much larger wheelbase and footprint, so you’ll need to consider storage options when you’re not actively using your mobility scooter.

Do I need a ramp?

If you will be using the scooter in and out of the home extensively, a ramp will make ease of entrance and egress much simpler. Again, if your primary use will be inside the home, a ramp may not be necessary at all.

Will I use the scooter out of the home?

If you intend to use the scooter for day-to-day errands outside of the home, you’ll need to think about transporting the scooter on your vehicle.

Some Models We Carry

  companion  portable buzzaround avenger  goldenpatriot
Luxury Scooter
Golden LiteRider
Portable Scooter
BuzzAround Lite
Travel Scooter
Heavy Duty Scooter
Golden Patriot
Heavy Duty Scooter

Visit Our Showroom!

Our factory-trained staff will help you select the model, style, upholstery fabric finishes and colors to best suit your needs while keeping your mobility and independence in mind.

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